Medscribbler Network

Medical Record Vision

Want the ease of an internet EMR with the security and strength of on-site installed EMR?

Medscribbler Network is right for you!

While running on an easy-to-install, stand-alone app, user registration and database creation is handled by us, over the internet.

Medscribbler Network is a suite of small apps built to work seamlessly in concert with each other. Create an account with us and get set up with a free and secure cloud database, then add the free apps Medscribbler Progress Notes and Medscribbler Scheduler, which are all you need to get started. Pick and choose which additional apps you like, to create an EMR that is completely customized to your needs. Stay fast and streamlined, without unnecessary features bogging you down.

How it Works

Medscribbler Progress Notes

Medscribbler Scheduler

Medscribbler Apps