Topics in Health Information Technology

These white papers explain in detail specific aspects of Health IT.

  • Fast and Reliable Internet Network Configuration
  • Users of Medscribbler should design their own networks to a standard that allows Medscribbler to provide a zero fault tolerance gold standard. This white paper explains the difficulties that can be introduced by the network into a Medscribbler installation. It also provides solutions and suggestions for particular connection problems. (PDF)
  • Handwriting in EMRs
  • An article that appeared in Future Healthcare magazine by Scriptnetics’ CEO on the importance of the user interface for satisfactory EMR use. (PDF)
  • Tablet PC Buying Guide
  • The right Tablet choice is imperative, choosing the wrong Tablet screen for a Medscribbler application or task leads to software performance issues. For any touch and handwriting to be used in Medscribbler the right Tablet and manufacturer must be chosen. This paper gives suggestions on models and features to look for. (PDF)
  • 9 Tips for Improving Wi-Fi
  • Better office Wi-Fi is easier than you might think. (PDF)
  • Importing Patient Information into Medscribbler
  • Medscribbler offers a number of options to make it easy to access your patients' data. (PDF)
  • Using Medscribbler Mobily
  • Medscribbler on the go! (PDF)
  • Handwriting Recognition
  • Or turning your scribbles into recognizable text and words. There is a lot here you may not know about this technology and its surprising capability. Medscribbler adapts this basic technology for physicians, read how. (HTML)