Cloud storage

Cloud storage has made running an EMR easier than ever. In the past, heavy investment was needed in hardware and servers to store your own data. Advances in internet speed have made it possible to securely and quickly access private medical information stored off site.

Advantages of Cloud storage

Simple to set up

No investment in expensive hardware, just sign up with Medscribbler, and we’ll set aside dedicated server space. Expand easily and as you need it, with no long-term commitment.

More efficient.

Having servers and medical database off-site means less time on technology maintenance and more time with patients.

More Secure.

Unlike some Cloud providers, our databases are fully HIPAA compliant, because each database is stored separately, and not mixed with other users’ on the server. A dedicated ISP line, high tech backups and dedicated space on a server at a different site means that data is protected from digital attacks as well as physical catastrophes.

How does Medscribbler differ from Internet browser-based EMRs?

Traditional Application Service Provider

Traditional Application Service Provider

Medscribbler Hosted


Recommended setup

The minimum required hardware to run Medscribbler Network is a Windows computer with an internet connection. However, Medscribbler is completely flexible, and can be scaled up to suit your practice.

The main components are:

Windows PCs (tablets) for Clinical users.

For maximum comfort and efficiency, a tablet PC, a spare tablet, and a desktop computer or docking station at a desk means that the medical provider can easily move from consulting patients face to face, to comfortably doing paperwork at the end of the day.

A desktop computer for office staff.

Preferably enabled to run wirelessly.

We also recommend hiring a local Microsoft Certified IT professional to set up your local wireless network. This will ensure that in the event of a problem at your location, there is someone who is familiar with your setup. This also enables a second-opinion on the security and speed of your wireless internet.


“Getting started was easy, leading to a phasing out of paper. As time passed, we realized we were gradually discovering more and deeper Medscribbler functions. We still work hard, but now we get more done.”

Dr Beatrice Milne
Family Physician
Customer for 9 years

“From virtually day one, Medscribbler was ready to go. It’s an intuitive, flexible and easy to use program. I would recommend Medscribbler without qualification or hesitation. We’ve been using this product for seven years, so we have significant knowledge of how the EMR works. The program is adaptable and flexible, and the staff is matched in their responsiveness to our needs as a practice.”

Dr Tom DiMatteo
Wellspring Clinical Associates
Customer for 7 years