Medscribbler is the flagship product of Scriptnetics, Inc. Scripnetics has been in the EMR market for over a dozen years. Our focus has been developing a quality EMR to match medical providers’ workflow, rather than fitting everyone to the same mold. This has been achieved by early adoption of the best technologies. Medscribbler was the first EMR designed specifically for handwriting on a tablet. We have continued to stay on top of current technology to streamline our EMR, keeping only those elements which work. Our focus is on quality and customer support.

Our Vision

Medical Record Vision

Medscribbler is developed and maintained by Scriptnetics Inc., a company established in 1999. Scriptnetics previously provided EMR consulting but now provides custom medical programming and has a number of related medical and other software programs, being electronic health records vendors as well. Medscribbler began to be developed by Scriptnetics in 2002, was released in 2003 ad continues in active development. Scriptnetics was the first among electronic medical record vendors to harness the power of the Tablet PC and handwriting recognition.

The vision with Medscribbler is to bring healthcare providers a computer healthcare management system that is intuitive to learn and use while at the same time improving efficiencies to "get you there sooner" whether it is retirement, a shortened work week or documentation of an individual encounter visit.

To make the vision a reality Scriptnetics through Medscribbler:

  • focuses on the individual physician and their needs as the primary design consideration and avoid making third party needs the design focus
  • makes a variety of EMR products available that allow a physician to match their own business model needs, a first of any of the EMR companies
  • continually searches for and incorporates the best technology available to be the most up to date of the electronic health record companies
  • developed a "ground up" marketing strategy that emphasizes full disclosure pricing, truthful marketing claims and no EMR vendors pressure sales calls
  • developed a comprehensive set of products that will be able to allow physicians to move from their office to patient care in a hospital with comparable technology interfaces
  • focuses on replacing paper's physical nature but mimicking paper`s current work flow to replace physical work flow with electronic work flow

To achieve this vision in-house development and cutting edge, contracted programmers are used to achieve a high level of software. Emphasis is placed on the Microsoft development kit for the Tablet PC to achieve a high level of handwriting recognition. Medscribbler is programmed using the latest versions of quality tools like C#, Delphi, the commercial version of MySQL for smaller installations and Microsoft® SQL for larger installations. The lead system designer is Michael Milne, CEO and chief owner of Scriptnetics.

Michael Milne has been involved with programming since the early '80s when he bought an Atari and started on his learning climb by writing some of the first printer drivers, as in those days little worked "out of the box". As the years progressed "computers" became more than a hobby with the constant requests from friends, neighbors and employers to "fix" their computers or networks. Design of various systems happened, including a library cataloging system for a South African College. Testing for year 2000 readiness of his wife's computer system, she is a family physician, discovered the practice management system inherited from a former owner would not survive so he designed a new system, hired programmers and founded Scriptnetics. Having a Masters degree with minors in anthropology and cross-cultural communication he applied this training to understanding what a physician really wants for their EMR. The result is Medscribbler.

The First Tablet PC EMR

Complete Practice Management

Scriptnetics Inc. with its product Medscribbler was the first to achieve for the healthcare market an electronic medical record, EMR, built specifically for the handwriting capabilities of the the Tablet PC and the Microsoft® Windows XP Tablet operating system. Medscribbler with its pervasive use of handwriting leads all other healthcare software when it comes to embedded handwriting input for medical record creation.

Originally in the mid 1990's, Scriptnetics was going to provide an EMR along with its Practice management system. It was quickly realized that the then current technology would have allowed a less then adequate result and probably little acceptance of any EMR by physicians generally. Things changed in 2002 with the convergence of many new technologies.

Wireless networks for mobile computing (commonly called WiFi) allowed mobile computers within a small local area. The network routers for this type of system dropped in price rapidly. Tablet PCs were introduced, lightweight mobile computers that can handle the robust applications a Palm or CE handheld could not. Additionally, the Tablet PC had the potential to also accept direct input from a screen as handwriting. This potential was realized in the 4Q of 2002 when Microsoft® released an operating system, Windows® XP Tablet. This operating system has the capability to accept handwriting into documents and convert handwriting into text. Microsoft® released a developers kit shortly after the operating system. On the news of the technology advances Scriptnetics (formerly BrunMed) began development in mid-2002 of an EMR that could take advantage of this convergence for the satisfaction of physicians.

In April 2003 Medscribbler became the first fully implemented EMR with deeply embedded handwriting. This was distinct from others that claimed handwriting ability as Medscribbler was the first that allowed handwriting to be saved as handwriting. Medscribbler also was the first that took advantage of context sensitive handwriting to text conversion.

This is difficult technology that has left many potential competitors by the wayside allowing Medscribbler to lengthen its industry lead. A lead that extends to other areas as well. Medscribbler was one of the first, and first national EMR, to display full screenshots and pricing information on the internet. This is now almost common industry practice.

Microsoft® recognized Scriptnetics's achievements in Medscribbler by making Scriptnetics a Tablet PC Premier Partner. Scriptnetics became one of only fifty companies, all industries, worldwide to be accepted in to Tablet PC Premier partnership with Microsoft®.