Mobility, power and flexibility

Work in a fast-paced and mobile environment where documentation creation and retrieval needs to be as quick as you are and available anywhere?

Medscribbler is one EMR that can keep pace!

Medscribbler was the first EMR designed specifically to take advantage of tablet computing. Built to maximize the use of handwriting on a Tablet PC, workflow is the same as paper – with all the advantages of a computer!

Choose from Medscribbler Network, where we set up a secure dedicated database for you, offsite, or Medscribbler Sovereign where your records remain under your own direct control, with either an offsite cloud server, or a local client-server.

Designed with the newest technology

Designed for a medical provider’s workflow, built from cutting edge computer technologies, Medscribbler guarantees time savings that are just not possible with old legacy technologies.

Speed of input is our focus, balancing the need for speed with the need for features. Intuitive and streamlined, Medscribbler mimics paper, but adds the features required to improve quality of care, without forcing you into a one-size-fits-all rigid point-and-click system.

Want to see how it works? Click here to watch our demo video!


“Getting started was easy, leading to a phasing out of paper. As time passed, we realized we were gradually discovering more and deeper Medscribbler functions. We still work hard, but now we get more done.”

Dr Beatrice Milne
Family Physician
Customer for 9 years

“From virtually day one, Medscribbler was ready to go. It’s an intuitive, flexible and easy to use program. I would recommend Medscribbler without qualification or hesitation. We’ve been using this product for seven years, so we have significant knowledge of how the EMR works. The program is adaptable and flexible, and the staff is matched in their responsiveness to our needs as a practice.”

Dr Tom DiMatteo
Wellspring Clinical Associates
Customer for 7 years