Get setup quickly

Setting up a user account is easy. All the work of setting up a private, secure, HIPAA compliant database is done for you. Get started instantly.

Learn intuitively

Medscribbler’s functions are laid out in a clear and intuitive fashion. No extensive training is required because Medscribbler combines the ease of charting on paper, or dictation with an easy to use user interface.

Easy to use interface

Medscribbler runs as a stand-alone app, and not in an internet browser. This allows for increased speed, better security and more powerful EMR functions. Handwriting is saved directly to the EMR in electronic form, making the Medscribbler interface the easiest to use.

Keep your own workflow

Because of Medscribbler accommodates so many input methods, the EMR is adaptable to any medical provider’s established workflow. Don’t change the way you interact with patients so you can click through the multiple popups and lists of some EMRs. Medscribbler easily incorporates handwriting, dictation and typing, and stores it in a number of ways, so that charts look like what you prefer.

Share charts easily

Medscribbler Progress Notes is free, which means that you can evaluate and start using the EMR right away. We take good care of your data, so there is no need to invest in expensive server hardware. No contracts are required; don’t pay anything until you want to expand your EMR system.

Scale up or down as needed.

Need to share files with other medical providers? Office staff need to work on your charts? New users are added quickly and securely to the network.

Keep data securely

We take data security very seriously at Medscribbler. Each medical provider’s database is stored discretely in our servers. We will never data mine or sell sanitized medical data to anyone. Medscribbler runs with the ease of a web EMR, but because we run our own app, it’s not susceptible to the security risks of running an EMR in an internet browser.

Custom build your EMR

Medscribbler is a truly flexible EMR, because you choose the components that you want. Medscribbler Progress Notes is your free starting point. Add apps from there to completely customize your Medscribbler EMR. More apps are being made available all the time, so you can add the newest functions to your EMR, or drop the ones you no longer need.


“Getting started was easy, leading to a phasing out of paper. As time passed, we realized we were gradually discovering more and deeper Medscribbler functions. We still work hard, but now we get more done.”

Dr Beatrice Milne
Family Physician
Customer for 9 years

“From virtually day one, Medscribbler was ready to go. It’s an intuitive, flexible and easy to use program. I would recommend Medscribbler without qualification or hesitation. We’ve been using this product for seven years, so we have significant knowledge of how the EMR works. The program is adaptable and flexible, and the staff is matched in their responsiveness to our needs as a practice.”

Dr Tom DiMatteo
Wellspring Clinical Associates
Customer for 7 years