How it Works

Medscribbler Network is a new concept in EMR software. It leverages the best of newly developed technologies to make Electronic record keeping easier and more useful than ever.

Ground-breaking Medscribbler Network

Private and secure collective professional network of medical providers and staff

We verify the identity of every medical provider, so only confirmed users have access. Office staff join the network in a specified capacity, by invitation only.

Share charts easily with anyone on the network

It’s easy to share information or specific charts. Select the user and level of access for each patient, or all files. This easily accommodates practitioners working at multiple facilities, adding a new coworker, transferring a patient, or sharing files with a specialist.

Leave the server hardware to us

On sign-up, we give you 2GB of space for your patient database on our secure servers. Always have access, wherever you have an internet connection. We maintain the security of your data, with automatic backups at a second location, so you never have to worry about losing information.

Cloud computing, but better

We keep your patient database safe. Unlike traditional cloud computing, which stores all information from users in a single database, with Medscribbler Network your files are kept in individual discrete databases, so you have better control over your own information.Security from hacking, datamining or natural disasters is enhanced. >

Customizable and fully flexible EMR system

FREE core components to get you started right away

Medscribbler Progress Notes and Medscribbler Scheduler apps are completely free. Get started right away with patient charting. For some medical providers this is more than enough for their practice.

Add only the functions that you will use

Add additional apps as you need them. Build the EMR that works for you. Don’t pay for functions that you won’t use, and will only slow you down.

Quickly and easily purchase and install more apps

Decide you want more out of Medscribbler Network? Add a function with only a few clicks to purchase, install and start. It will integrate with your existing apps seamlessly and immediately.

An EMR that keeps pace with your business growth

As your practice grows and changes, Medscribbler Network keeps pace. Share and build your personal network of Medscribbler users. Add more functions to your EMR as you need them. We’re constantly developing new and better apps to add to the Medscribbler Network suite, choose only those ones that will work for you, and leave behind out-dated technology.

Getting started

Getting started with Medscribbler is easy.

1. Decide what hardware to use

a. A Windows computer is required. We recommend a desktop computer for front office, and a Windows tablet for each clinical user (Vista, Windows 7 and Windows 8 supported). However, clinical users could also use a laptop or desktop if they prefer.

b. A secure internet connection is needed to be able to connect to the Medscribbler database.

2. Create an account with Medscribbler

a. For security purposes, we require confirmation of identification and medical credentials. This information is for verification and will not be used or retained in any way.

b. We will then set up a user account, and set aside 2GB of secure internet storage. Your database will be stored separately from other practices and not shared without permission

3. Download and install the Medscribbler Progress Notes AppThis should take only a few minutes.

4. Login and start using your EMR.

Cloud storage

Cloud storage has made running an EMR easier than ever. In the past, heavy investment was needed in hardware and servers to store your own data. Advances in internet speed have made it possible to securely and quickly access private medical information stored off site.

Advantages of Cloud storage

Simple to set up

No investment in expensive hardware, just sign up with Medscribbler, and we’ll set aside dedicated server space. Expand easily and as you need it, with no long-term commitment.

More efficient.

Having servers and medical database off-site means less time on technology maintenance and more time with patients.

More efficient.

Unlike some Cloud providers, our databases are fully HIPAA compliant, because each database is stored separately, and not mixed with other users’ on the server. A dedicated ISP line, high tech backups and dedicated space on a server at a different site means that data is protected from digital attacks as well as physical catastrophes.

How does Medscribbler differ from Internet browser-based EMRs?

Traditional Application Service Provider


Medscribbler Hosted


Recommended setup

The minimum required hardware to run Medscribbler Network is a Windows computer with an internet connection. However, Medscribbler is completely flexible, and can be scaled up to suit your practice.

The main components are:

Windows PCs (tablets) for Clinical users.

For maximum comfort and efficiency, a tablet PC, a spare tablet, and a desktop computer or docking station at a desk means that the medical provider can easily move from consulting patients face to face, to comfortably doing paperwork at the end of the day.

A desktop computer for office staff.

Preferably enabled to run wirelessly.

We also recommend hiring a local Microsoft Certified IT professional to set up your local wireless network. This will ensure that in the event of a problem at your location, there is someone who is familiar with your setup. This also enables a second-opinion on the security and speed of your wireless internet.

Detailed specifications and technical requirements are available here